Yes ... it's that time of replica watches uk year again

Yes ... it's that time of replica watches uk year again. Baselworld 2019 is fast approaching with new collections waiting behind the scenes. And as usual, this year's most anticipated news is the new Rolex watches. This also means that it's time for MONOCHROME to make our annual forecasts and get creative. Just as we did in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, we spent a lot of time on the board to guess and design what the Rolex Baselworld 2019 collection might look like. And here are the watches that we think Rolex can potentially be launched at Baselworld 2019.

Guess what Rolex will introduce for its new collection has become a tradition for us here at MONOCHROME. We do not hide the fact that we have fun discussing, predicting and planning these potential innovations, not to mention the fact that we are also quite proud of some watches (although some will remain dreams). What has changed and made our lives more difficult is the fact that Rolex has become somewhat less predictable. For example, Daytona Steel / Ceramic was a watch we wanted but we really did not expect to see in reality. The same goes for GMT Master II Pepsi in steel, with an anniversary bracelet.

It seems that Rolex has used a less conservative approach with parts like the Sea-Dweller 126600 with its large case, its red text line and the controversial lens on the Cyclops to date, or Air King completely unpredictable with a colored dial. However, there are some things that stand still, no matter what fake Omega happens to Rolex. For example, the new watches that were presented in gold or two colors per year are followed by full steel models the following year. With this in mind, guessing what Rolex has up its sleeve has become more complicated but also much more fun ... It allows us to be more creative and design bolder pieces. But let's end this introduction and move on to the main topic: our predictions for the Rolex Baselworld news 2019, the watches that Rolex was able to launch as part of its 2019 collection.